"Not-with-me!" - Violence prevention for Kids

The "Not-with-me!" Violence prevention project is nationwide initiated by the German Ju-Jutsu Federation. The project is focused on prevention, self-assertion and self-defense. Protecting oneself from violence is an important basic need of every human being. Our course should help children to avoid dangers, to recognize dangerous situations and to be able to defend themselves in an emergency. With our violence prevention project, we want to help children and adolescents grow into self-confident strong personalities. Prevention of sexual violence is another important focus.

The project was presented as part of the JJIF Ju-Jitsu World Championship 2019 in Abu Dhabi / UAE with the kind support of Palms Sports.

Since 2021 we are in cooperation with the JJIF Project "Ju-Jitsu for good! A Better World Through Ju-Jitsu!" We are committed to the objective "PROTECTION" – means to protect children, women and other vulnerable groups from violence and harm!

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Trailer "Not-with-me!"

"Not-with-me!" Traffic light principle

The violence prevention project is based on three basic elements:

    • The prevention
    • The self-assertion
    • The self-defense

    to illustrate this and to clarify the different stages, we use the so-called "traffic light principle". We are often asked in courses or at parents evenings how to prepare for a dangerous situation or threat that you do not even know, or whether there is ultimately a technique that can be used to get out of all situations. Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe. There is not one technique that solves all problems and situations. There is no self-defense technique that finishes an attack painlessly and casually incapacitates the attacker. Therefore, we offer a modular system that offers different options for different situations. These are the three steps according to the "traffic light principle" or rather, the "reverse traffic light principle".

      • Danger awareness - prevention
        Recognizing and avoiding threatening situations
      • Assertiveness
        Escape or help
      • Physical defense - self-defense
        defense techniques

      The three colors represent the stages or action alternatives that are to be learned and later to be variably available. Green includes the area of ​​prevention, yellow the area of ​​self-assertion, and red the area of ​​self-defense, which defines the last resort. Ideally, this area should never have to be entered.

      Trained, licensed and competent course instructors with appropriate experience convey the concept to the course participants in an age- and target-group-oriented manner. The course system is aimed at children and adolescents. A course usually includes six course units (two lesson units of 45 minutes each).

      UTS World Youth Festival

      The fifth edition of the UTS World Youth Festival is taking place from 14-20 November 2022 in Bangkok. After a huge success last year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the festival is now in the Kingdom of Thailand and will be held on the grounds of the prestigious Srinakharinwirot University. The World Youth Festival is under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics, SportAccord, GAISF, and AIMS. 

      JJIF4GOOD Booth "PROTECTION" will be located on the sports festival grounds at the Srinakharinwirot University from 4:00pm to 8:00pm local time, everyday from the 14th to the 19th November 2022.

      Further informations online: https://unitedthroughsports.com/bangkok-global-stage-for-youth-sport-and-inclusion/


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